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What is APA Style Central?

APA Style CENTRAL® is the only authoritative and complete online environment for teaching, writing, and publishing in APA Style®. Designed to help users develop their writing and professional research skills, APA Style CENTRAL combines sophisticated learning and teaching tools, advanced writing and content management technology, and full integration of APA’s best-selling Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association® to create an unparalleled web-based suite of integrated services and tools.

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You can access APA Style Central at:

APA Style Central Technical Requirements & Support

Operating Systems, Browsers, and Mobile Devices

APA Style CENTRAL was developed to work on Windows and Mac OS.

  • For Windows, we recommend Chrome and Firefox.
  • Important: Internet Explorer does not work with APA Style Central.  Edge has been tested by Library staff and no issues were found, but if you run into issues on your computer, switch browsers. 
  • For Mac OS, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are supported.

If you are unable to login to APA Style CENTRAL using a supported browser, please check your settings. You may need to enable cookies to ensure that the platform recognizes your account.

A mobile version of APA Style CENTRAL is not available, but learning objects such as the quick guides and tutorials can be viewed from most devices. Depending on the device, operating system, browser version, and connection strength, additional features and functionality may be available. 

Additional Support

If you have worked through the information above and are still encountering problems accessing APA Style CENTRAL, please contact us at with the following information:

 Computer operating system and version
 Browser operating system and version
 Inform APA technical support you're using APA Style Central off-campus, via proxy (EZProxy).
 Include a screenshot of the error, including the address bar with the full URL visible. If the URL is not visible, please copy it and include it in your message. 

APA Style Central Guides & Tips

Featured Guides & Tutorials

Below are some examples of tutorials and multimedia guides you can find in APA Style Central.

Tutorial: Getting Started With APA Style

Learn the basics of APA Style, including how to format a manuscript, understand the form and function of common manuscript parts, organize and express your thoughts clearly and precisely, employ the mechanics of style, use graphic elements effectively, credit sources and acknowledge the contributions of others, and construct a comprehensive and reliable reference list.


Tutorial: How to Avoid Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism

Learn how to avoid plagiarism and self-plagiarism, including how to identify plagiarism, understand its risks and consequences, cite sources properly, and develop sound writing practices.


Tutorial: How to Find Reliable Sources

Learn how to find reliable sources to use in your academic papers, including how to search for sources, evaluate sources, and organize sources with a reference management system.



Tutorial: Direct Quotations and Paraphrasing

Learn how to cite and format direct quotations and block quotations, make and indicate changes to direct quotations, and cite paraphrased material.


Subjects: Information Literacy, Multidisciplinary (Covers most subjects), University Library